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Flex Training Services

Learn to Care

Flex Training Services is a local, West Australian owned and operated Registered Training Organisation trading as Flex-Ability Pty Ltd (RTO Code 51589).

We provide quality training in aged care, disability and home and community care.  We also provide ongoing professional development courses to the aged care, disability, home and community care, healthcare industry and other professionals.  


FFS Student cancellation/withdrawal before commencement:
An administration fee of $150.00 will be retained should the course be cancelled after enrolment and before commencement. (N/A for Funded Students)

FFS Student cancellation/withdrawal after commencement:
Each student is provided a ‘Statement of Fees’ upon enrolment, which contains withdrawal census dates for each unit. Should a student withdraw from a unit after the census date provided there will be no refund offered.  

International Students:
At this point in time FTS is not registered with CRICOS and therefore cannot accept any international or student Visa’s. 

FTS strongly recommends that students do not complete their chosen course whilst pregnant. This is to completely remove any risk of injury to the mother or unborn baby. If you are pregnant or become pregnant during your course, it is your responsibility to notify FTS staff and ask for a copy of our pregnancy policy.

Flex Training Services course changes:
In the event that FTS cancels a scheduled training course, then a full refund will be made available to the learners enrolled in the cancelled course. All changes to a course will be communicated to each student via phone or face to face, e-mail and letter.

Extenuating Circumstances:
In the event that the student requiring a refund can demonstrate that extenuating or significant personal circumstances are leading to their cancellation/withdrawal this is left at the discretion of the training manager to organise a possible full or pro rata refund to the person who made payments.

Credit Transfer:
Refunds on credit transfers will be offered at the time of initial payment and enrolment. Refunds after commencement of the course for credit transfers will not be processed if the student is a FFS Student.

Short Courses:
Cancellation or transfer of a short course is available to the learner if FTS is notified a day in advance of the course. No shows will be invoiced and will not be able to commence any other course until the fee is paid in full.

Payment of fees:
Learners are required to provide a $600 deposit upon enrolment. FTS will not take more than $1,500 upon enrolment. Learners are required to make full payment of their fees by week 12. Should a learner be unable to make their final payment, FTS has a payment plan available. Payment plans can extend a learners fee due date by 10 weeks. Fees and charges apply and certificates will not be issued until fees are paid in full. Please ask at reception for further details.

Refund Information
Refunds may be requested at reception. You will be required to fill out an ‘Application for Withdrawal/Refund form’. Where refunds are approved, the refund payment must be paid to the student within 14 days from the time the student gave written notice to cancel their enrolment. Tuition refunds are to be paid via electronic funds transfer using the authorised bank account nominated by the student on the Refund Request Form.

Those students that wish to apply for a cancellation/withdrawal/refund must lodge the appropriate form. Those students that lodge the form before the census date provided (or 20% of the unit has been completed) are eligible for a full refund of their unit tuition fee and 50% of the unit resource fee. The 20% completion is based on the nominal hours attended between the commencement and completion of the unit.

Learners deemed “Not Yet Competent”:
In the event that a learner is deemed “Not Yet Competent” at the finalisation of a unit. There will be a fee incurred by the learner for each unit of competency requiring re attendance. A break-down of these costs are available from reception upon request. The learner may request to have their assessment remarked at no charge. A learner may request to re-sit an assessment. This will incur extra costs available upon request.

In the event of a student being dismissed under misconduct, Flex Training Services will not issue a refund, or part refund for any payments made. For Funded Students the 20% rule will apply.

Misconduct may include:

  • Cheating or plagiarising assessments
  • Providing false information
  • Incidents of assault, harassment, abusive or anti-social behaviour
  • Theft or criminal behaviour (including destruction of property) of any kind
  • Being found under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol
  • Impairing others freedom to pursue their study
  • Conduct that brings Flex Training Services into disrepute or slander of Flex Training Services, other course participants or staff
  • Failure to comply with reasonable instruction or supervision
  • Assault to any member of our staff or participants including verbal, physical or threatening comments or gestures
  • Conduct that places others at risk including and not limited to; discrimination, harassment (of any sort), disorderly conduct, disruptive, abusive or anti-social behaviour
  • Persistent lateness or unacceptable disruption in the classroom
  • Failure to undertake assessments as set out by Flex Training Services and the NVR Standards
  • Behaviour that breaches the Privacy Act 1988

Learners Responsibilities:
It may be a requirement of the course for the learner to provide:
A “Unique Student Identifier” (USI) number
A CLEAR National Police Clearance
FTS’ duty of care does not
encourage the enrolment or training of pregnant learners. In the event that a learner discloses a pregnancy within the duration of their course, they may be asked to withdraw.

Dress code:
All learners are expected to wear appropriate clothing, closed in shoes, no skirts or revealing clothing, shorts must be knee length and offensive writing or pictures on clothing is not acceptable. Personal Hygiene should also be attended to, please use deodorant as body odour is considered offensive by many.

All learners are expected to behave in a reasonable manner and to take responsibility for their learning and conduct, completing homework and submitting work on time and avoiding plagiarisation. Please refer to FTS’s misconduct policy for more information.

Commitment and Attendance:
It is vital that all learners attend class every day for 13 weeks. In the event that a learner cannot make it to class, arrangements will be made for them to attend the class missed at the next available opportunity. In this event the course duration will be extended for that learner. Learners should be at the course at least 15 minutes prior to the start of training. If the learner is unable to do so, they are expected to telephone ahead to inform their trainer. Failure to be on time may preclude the learner from attending. Transfer to another course is possible, but a refund for FFS students in these circumstances will not be available.

Extensions to the Assessment Arrangements will be at the discretion of Flex Training Services and on an individual basis. If you feel you require an extension, please discuss this with your trainer / assessor who will happy to make arrangements with you in order to provide the extra support you might need.

Report Incidents:
All learners are expected to report any incidents that may occur. In the event of an incident, incident report forms are available in the corridor outside of training room 2 or by request from reception. Once completed the form is to be handed into reception in a timely manner.

Provide Feedback:
There will be opportunities in the form of questionnaires to provide feedback. The student is expected to participate in these questionnaires. At the end of each course the learner will be required to complete the Learner Questionnaire which is included with their work experience documentation. This Learner Questionnaire is a requirement of the Vocational Education Training Department.

Payment of fees
Fees are expected to be paid before the commencement of a learners work experience. Flex Training Services reserves the right to place a student ‘on hold’ until their fees are paid in full. However, a learner may be eligible for a payment plan. Should the learner not pay their fees and complete their study. A statement of attainment for completed Units of Competency will be issued provided that the monies already paid cover the Unit Cost (less the Cancellation Fee – this fee does not apply to Funded Students).

Work Placement:
Flex Training Services will arrange work placement on behalf of the learner. This can only be arranged after the following requirements are met:

  • All fees have been received or a payment plan approved
  • A copy of the learners National Police Clearance received by Flex Training Services, note: this is required 2 weeks prior to commencement of work experience – if received later than this there may be a delay on your placement.
  • All classroom based activities have been attended and completed

Work Placement consists of 20 days (8 hours a day Monday to Friday). The Learner is expected to be available for this time. The learner is expected to wear black trousers, a navy blue polo shirt and enclosed non slip black shoes for this component of their course. Please be aware that this is the requirement provided by all facilities and variations of this will not be accepted.
Flex Training Services will find each learner a work placement. However, as placement availability is limited a learner may find that they need to travel further than expected. It is the learner’s prerogative to accept or deny a placement arranged. Should the learner deny a placement they will be required to wait until their desired placement becomes available.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)
At the time of enrolment, each potential learner is required to complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment. This test is a basic initial screening process. During the course duration, if a student is deemed to have insufficient LLN capabilities additional support will be offered. If the learner is still deemed to have insufficient LLN capabilities and unable to complete the qualification they will be entitled to put their course on hold or can apply for a refund.  

Complaints/Appeals Procedure relevant to Flex Training Services, its Trainers/Assessors, other staff and other learners.
Flex Training Services has a Grievance and Appeals Policy and Procedure to ensure that all grievances are dealt with in a confidential and fair manner.

What to expect from this process:
-  Each complaint and it’s outcome will be recorded in writing
-  Each complainant will have an opportunity to present his or her case if required.
-  Each complaint is given the outcome in writing including any reasons
-  If a complaint is found to be confirmed, then Flex Training Services will act on that outcome
-  Each appeal is heard by an appropriate person. If an agreeable result cannot be achieved the student may access 3rd party intervention as made available by Flex Training Services.
-  Students will receive a student grievance/complaint/appeal outcome in writing

To ensure that grievances/complaints/appeals are dealt with in a reasonable amount of time, please follow the instructions below:

Please contact your trainer if you would like any clarification on how your assessments have been marked. They will be able to discuss any decisions including assessment decisions made by FTS.

If you have any grievances or would like to proceed further with a formal complaint/appeal process, please ask at reception. Reception will provide you with a ‘Complaints/Appeals’ form and organise an appropriate member of staff to contact you. Please hand in the completed ‘Complaints/Appeals’ form to reception as soon as possible as Management will respond to your complaint within 20 working days of lodgement. Regular contact will be maintained between you and management during this time. Once a response is formulated management will request a meeting, you may bring an independent party to this meeting. However, you will need to notify management if you wish to do so. You will be provided the decision in writing on the day of the meeting. If the complaint/appeal requires more than 60 days to process and finalize Flex Training Services will inform you, in writing, including reasons why the process is taking more than 60 days and regular written updates will be maintained by Flex Training Services.

Flex Training Services Grievances/Complaints/Appeals Policy and Procedure does not restrict your right to pursue other legal remedies. If you feel that your grievance/complaint/appeal has not been dealt in a satisfactory manner after exhausting the Flex Training Services internal procedure or if extenuating circumstances preclude you from lodging your complaint/appeals form with Flex Training Services, FTS will provide a person or independent party external to Flex Training Services to hear complaints/appeals. The relevant authorities’ links are: 

For an overseas Student Studying at a Private RTO in Australia contact:
Overseas Students Ombudsmen
Australian Student Studying in Australia:
Training Accreditation Council
National Training Complaints Hotline 13 38 73

RTO’s Obligations to the Learner
Flex Training Services is responsible for the quality of training and assessment in compliance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) 2015, which is available for download from www.comlaw.gov.au

Flex Training Services is responsible for the issuance of certification documentation in compliance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) 2014 and in addition to the AQF Qualifications Issuance Policy, which is available for download from www.aqf.edu.au

Flex Training Services reserves the right to cancel your training after a 12 month period has lapsed, or due to misconduct as set out above. It is the learners responsibility to finish the course within the recommended time frame.

The Learners’ Rights

  • Expect the provision of high quality training that recognises their individual learning styles and needs
  • Have access to all services regardless of educational background, gender, marital status, sexual preference, race, colour, national origin, ethnic or socio-economic background, physical or intellectual impairment, and religious or political affiliation;
  • Appeal for a review of the results of an assessment
  • Learn from fully qualified and competent Trainers who observe their responsibility to address students' learning needs, assist them to achieve the course outcomes, and assess their students' work fairly;
  • Be treated with dignity and fairness;
  • If for any reason Flex Training Services is unable to fulfil its service agreement with a student, Flex Training must refund the student’s proportion of fees paid for services not delivered.
  • Flex Training Services is responsible for providing all learners an extensive support system. If you feel that you may need additional support – let your trainer know!
  • Flex Training Services is required to provide a breakdown of all fees and charges to all students.

Consumer Rights
In the event that acceptance of an offer to study at Flex Training Services is as a result of an Unsolicited Consumer Agreement, the applicant has a cooling-off period of 10 days from the date of signing the Acceptance Agreement, to withdraw from the course at no financial penalty.

Certificate Security Measures
Flex Training Services Certificates include the following security features that inhibit reproduction or replication:

-          Anticopy 'Copyvoid' Pattern

-          Printed Artificial Watermark

-          Micro Printing


"I can honestly say that the students coming out of Flex are more prepared for what is about to occur than students from other training organisations.  We have found that they are more mature in their approach and are willing to make contact with me prior to starting so I can meet them first. The supervision of the trainees is excellent and the supervisors are regular in their assessments.  

I have employed many Flex trainees over the years and will continue to do so" - Facility Manager

"We have been offering work experience to students from Flex Training Australia and I am delighted to inform you that most of the students we have from them were offered a job after their work experience. The students have great knowledge and skills in relation to work practices may it be following policies and procedures, manual handling, OSH and infection control" - Aged Care Facility

My favorite part of training was the first aid course.  It really made a difference in my life. 

The first aid trainer is good and full of energy.  She knows the course very well.  

My favorite part of work experience was spending time with clients after lunch when there was not much work- singing, dancing and talking with them! 

First aid trainer was fantastic!  Trainer used a variety of techniques to make learning "stick". 

I would recommend Flex Training Services because of the amazing people I met and all the cultural diversity drawn to Flex. 

My favorite part of training was EVERYTHING because I got alot of help from all of the teachers. 

“I completed a 6 ½ week course with Flex Training Services. The classes were helpful and very fun. It was great meeting new people at FTS! During my time on work experience, I was supported and encouraged; the staff members were great. I was offered employment at the facility before my work experience was over, I received my Certificate and I am starting work straight away!”
“The facilitators at Flex Training Services were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I especially enjoyed the Provide First Aid training; I learnt so many valuable skills! The staff at my work experience placement were helpful and supportive, I felt very comfortable there. I was offered a job at the facility I completed my work experience at – I start next week!”
"I loved meeting new people and learning new things that before I had no idea about. Learning everything first hand on work experience was great as I got to put what I learnt into practice . All training provided was high quality!"
"My favourite part of training was putting the theory I learned into practice. It was great engaging and applying my knowledge. I would recommend FTS as they organise student work experience placements for you"